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We’re so very, very blessed, and so on this day we think of the little and the big things to remember and give thanks for!

We pray that everyone has a very safe, happy, memorable, blessed Thanksgiving 2010!



All moms are “working moms”! October 20, 2010

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Ask any mom, and she’ll tell you that being one is the hardest job she’s ever had! Now, add on top of that 24/7 responsibility the task of working outside the home (full- or part-time), working an outside job from her home office, or running a business from her home office, … and you’ll see one busy woman!!

Some moms reenter the workforce due to the basic need for sustaining income, while others choose to go back to work simply because they want to. Regardless of the reason that working moms work, it’s very difficult to balance home responsibilites, children, work, and actually finding time in there to take care of herself.

Before I had my third set of twins, I’d been working for several years at a few different ways to earn additional income from home for our family of six. If you’ve read TWINS x 3, you know the different hats I wore before I became pregnant with Sean and Benjamin. When I wrote and published my book, I’d planned that any and all income received from this venture would, of course, be reinvested in our family and/or placed into savings for my childrens’ futures. A few months ago, out the absolute need for additional income, I contacted the publisher in South Georgia whom I worked with for two years providing advertising and editorial magazine design for his various county Chamber of Commerce publications. Deciding (or reconfirming, rather) that the amount of work and the quality of what I was providing simply wasn’t fairly compensated for, I decided to re-sign with the direct sales jewelry company that I’d been an independent distributor for also in the past. Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry ( is a solid, reputable, 25-year-old company whose business philosophy is based on the Biblical principles of honesty, integrity and service. Becoming a jewelry sales consultant has given me the flexibility to work outside my home presenting and conducting home shows in customers’ homes on evenings and on weekends while allowing me to be home with my toddlers and be able to transport my older children to and from school and other activities.

But factoring in a new, growing business from my home has real challenges. For one, I haven’t sat down to post a new blog topic in weeks until now!  In addition to preparing for and conducting my hostesses’ home shows, I attend monthly support and training meetings. I also spend many hours each week: building a customer base; scheduling and planning home shows; recruiting, supporting and training new jewelers;  closing (placing orders for) each home show online as well as ordering/maintaining  business supplies; all while creating new ways to grow my business to support and serve my customers. While doing this, there are diapers to change, groceries to shop for, beds to change, laundry to fold, messes to clean up and kids’ arguments to break up!

Although I have a few rules that I’ve followed for years when it came to managing my time and keeping my sanity as a working mom, such as:

~ take advantage of toddler nap time to get lots of work done (OR take that much-needed nap yourself);

~ plan meals ahead of time so meal prep can be quick and easy;

~ accept or enlist help from your older children/teens … teaching them that they’re assistance is valued and that everyone pitches in for the common good of all;

~ make use of after-kids’-bed-time evenings and weekends to catch up with work, but also be strict about leaving and shutting the office door at a set time to concentrate on my kids, husband or for me to get out and visit with a friend for dinner;

…  I’ve also found some additional tips from two websites. Check them out for yourselves!



Please post your comments and suggestions about how you manage the balance between working and family! Your ideas will be much appreciated, very valued, and will help other Twinning Attitude visitors, including me!!


YIKES! Big-Boy Beds! October 1, 2010

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As my baby boys approach their third birthday, yes, the time has definitely come to graduate these little guys from their safe, comfy yet restrictive cribs to the adventurous world of “being loose” in big kid beds. I placed crib tents upon their cribs back when they were around 14-months because they began to demonstrate their frightening abilities to lift one leg over the side not knowing what would result could be a terrible fall. At one point, Benjamin nearly fell directly on his head, and would have if not for the cat-like reflexes of his mom catching him. Of course, it took this mom several minutes to recover from the use of her cat-like reflexes and sudden rush of adrenalin.

For the last couple of months, there’s been evidence of the attempts of a prison break from their tented cribs. Ben’s tent began to show his efforts of his trying to escape, as if he’d stashed a spoon from the prison cafeteria up his sleeve … I detected little holes in the white netting here and there that became bigger and bigger. Sean decided to pull at a corner seam along the inside of his crib tent and was able to push those wet diapers out and onto the floor that he so often would shed, only to then wet his crib sheets!

So here we are. We’ve taken down the twin cribs for the third and LAST time, and set up the twin bunk beds that double as individual single beds against two opposite walls, each having its own bed rail. We’d bought these beds when I was pregnant with my second set of twins so that my eldest twins (4-year-olds at the time) would no longer have to share a full size bed together (which they graduated to from their cribs), and would finally have their own big girl beds.

As most of us who’ve been through this transition have experienced, the BIGGEST CHALLENGE now lay with KEEPING THEM IN BED once nap or bed time arrived. It was so bad with our first set, that we, out of desperation, would take “bed-time drives” around our neighborhood. This drive would begin after jammies were on and teeth were brushed so that the girls would fall asleep in the car after about 10-15 minutes, after which we would lift them out of their car seats and lay them down in their shared bed. We gated their bedroom into the hall so that if they awoke and we didn’t hear them, they couldn’t leave their room and get into any trouble/danger in the rest of the house while we slept.

REFUSING to resorting to this method with my second set, I simply told them to stay in bed. When they got out to play some more, I’d go right in and threaten them with “toy taking”, “no playground the next day”, or something to that effect. The family room was just off the kids’ rooms hallway, so I could hear every sound and could quickly zoom in there. Eventually they would settle down. Sigh. Yes, their room was gated as well.

This time around, well, the kids rooms are upstairs. My biggest challenge is that when I believe they’re settled and quiet, I leave to return downstairs, only to hear the “pitter-patter” above me! I make many runs up the stairs, and find that they’d heard me coming (no matter how quietly I believe I’m prancing) and quickly jump back into their beds, slyly now resembling the little angels I’d left only minutes before. Yesterday, I realized that Sean had reached up and TURNED OFF the baby monitor because the monitor I keep in the kitchen suspiciously began to emanate that static-y sound of when the main unit is OFF! Rascal!

At night, I’ve developed a fantastic system called: The Patrol. One of the two 11-yr-olds (usually Brandon, whose room is just across from Ben and Sean’s) will be recruited to patrol and report the status of the toddlers who should be in bed. Bruce and I can resume our evening duties of laundry folding, bill-paying or simply TV-watching while Brandon gives us a regular report from the top of the stairs every few minutes. If one or both toddlers are “being naughty”, he’ll startle them with a quick, “GET BACK IN BED!” order … following which they quickly scamper back into their beds! It’s an AWESOME arrangement!

What stories do you have about that wonderful transition from crib to bed? What challenges have you had? What suggestions to you have for the rest of us? We’d LOVE your input …


Please pray for four lives that ended too soon September 27, 2010

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Early Sunday morning, September 26, 2010, a truck carrying four teenagers from Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma, Louisiana crashed and took the lives of all four passengers. The teens (two boys, two girls) were nearly home while returning from the LSU football game in Baton Rouge Saturday night. The entire high school and community of Houma is struck and terribly saddened by the loss of these four young lives. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed, it is suspected that alcohol may have been involved, or it may have simply been a case of the driver falling asleep at the wheel.

Grief counselors and other sources of support have converged on Vandebilt to assist the peers and families of the four lost teens.

Online article:

Although parents do their best to aid their children in the grief process, they often look for additional assistance and guidance. Being a faith community, it’s important that Vandebilt turn to the basis of their foundation for guidance. Mass has been said today in several neighboring Catholic parishes, as well as at Vandebilt itself. Many parish pastors, priests, nuns and lay ministers will most certainly a source of consolation and counsel.

Vandebilt Catholic High School, Houma, Louisiana (the high school I'm proud to call my alma mater)

Coping with the deaths of friends and family is overwhelmingly difficult for adults, but children and teens perceive this experience differently than grown-ups. I recall having a very unsettling, disturbing experience for weeks following the tragic death of a classmate just before the start of our senior year. The year after our graduation, we lost another classmate. It doesn’t make sense at all to reason about the deaths of young people so tragically just as their lives are beginning. We all remember the 1999 Columbine High School shootings, the 2007 Virginia Tech tragedy, and most recently, the tornado-caused disaster at Enterprise High School that took eight young lives. So much is senseless about these events, but in some cases, as perhaps in this Houma tragedy, the reality and deadliness of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while overly tired are bitter lessons and realities to face.

Although Christians take comfort in knowing that there is a glorious, eternal life awaiting after death, coming to terms and facing their own mortality is very traumatizing for teens, and all the while they’re grieving the loss of a close friend or perhaps sibling.

What is your experience with the loss of a peer? Did you lose a classmate tragically (either to illness or injury) while in your teens? Has your own child experienced the loss of a friend?

As parents, we want desperately to comfort, reassure and give hope to our suffering child. Catholic/Christian resources and sources of counsel can be especially helpful at this time. Allowing and encouraging your child to grieve, to experience the seven stages of grief will be the most healthy, healing path to wellness and wholeness once again.

Please visit:

Although there are many resources to help parents and their children deal and cope with grief, one source of resources is Solace Tree, where you’ll find many sources for assistance and comfort as you and your child experience the painful, confusing stages of grief and loss.



For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

John 3:16




Heavenly Father, please welcome your children into your warm, loving arms where they shall spend eternity in glory praising your name. For the sorrowful friends and family members left behind, please also wrap them in your arms where you can comfort and remind them of your promise the of eternal life, where they will one day be reunited with their loved ones.



Thank you Double Up Books! September 14, 2010

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Welcome Double Up Books – The Premier Bookstore for Twins, Triplets & More … as the latest source to carry TWINS x 3!

Double Up Books specializes in books about twins and multiples for both parents and children. They’re the right place for the best selection of twins books, triplet books & more…

Double Up Books is a full-service twins bookstore featuring books about parenting and raising twins, twin and multiples pregnancy, breastfeeding twins and multiples, childproofing for twins, twin and multiples psychology, twin baby memory books and more!  They also sell a handpicked selection of parenting, family, relationships, home life and children’s books too!

Please visit:

to browse, shop and check out all the amazing books and products for families of multiples!


Amy’s Miracle September 13, 2010

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Amy kisses Anna

Meet Amy, a 33-year-old Jacksonville mom of three beautiful children who I heard about through a mutual friend. In early 2010, Amy and her husband Shannon discovered that they were going to have twins to add to their already 2 children, Amanda and Shannon, Jr. During her sixth month of pregnancy, something went terribly wrong. She was hospitalized because of severe, painful coughing, and the doctors soon discovered that, while pregnant, Amy had developed a very rare form of cancer called Choriocarcinoma. Because her illness became immediately life-threatening, both babies were delivered. Although she lost one of the babies, baby Anna (born at just 2 lbs.) survived and has presently reached approximately 4 lbs. Amy is still very ill and in the hospital being treated for her illness, and until recently was on life support.

Please go to Amy’s blog, read her story, and reach into your heart to help support this amazing family with a donation of any amount.

This family needs our prayers and support for many months to come. Let’s be there for them.


Thank you, and God bless you all!


We MUST NEVER forget September 12, 2010

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God Bless America!

I remember watching it all happen live while at home with my not-quite 2-year-olds.

I immediately wanted my husband and first-grade daughters HOME so we could all be together. I was heart-broken for the families whose lives changed forever that day, and knew that we’d NEVER FORGET!

(New York, my home state)