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Check out the “TWINS x 3 by Fran Pitre” Facebook fan page! February 21, 2011

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Hello Twinning Attitude! visitors!!

I would LOVE for you to visit my facebook fan page: TWINS x 3 by Fran Pitre, and click “like”!

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There’s info and funny posts updating fans on the book’s promo activities, and lots of other stuff …

And thank you visitors!! We’ve topped 15,000 hits from 11 countries worldwideWOW!




UPDATE: Amy’s (TRUE) Miracle! November 27, 2010

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A couple of months ago, Twinning Attitude! posted an appeal for prayer and support for Amy and Shannon Trahan. Amy was in the depths of her battle with Choriocarcinoma, a rare reproductive system form of cancer. I’ve been receiving updates on Amy and her preemie baby girl Anna from her wonderful nurse, Kim. Kim recently expressed how miraculous Amy’s continuing recovery, as well as how baby Anna’s growth and well-being, are going! Amy, now able to do her own blogging, posted the below comment on her blog: Amy’s Miracle, about 3 weeks ago:

The last weeks have been a big adjustment. I got released from the hospital on the 15th a day before my princess Amanda’s 16th birthday. I have been more thankful then ever for all the support I have had from the community. God, our church, family, and friends. All the love has helped me so much in my recovery. I have been admitted to the hospital for the next few days for a big round of Chemo. My numbers are looking good so I should be released soon. I am so excited to see baby Anna. She is doing so good. What a beautiful baby. My legs are getting stronger and I am able to walk without a walker … this has been big for me. I love you all and can’t wait for the day I can share my testimony with everyone. God is great!

Love,  Amy M. Trahan

Amy, we’re SO RELIEVED and HAPPY for you and your family. God truly is GREAT! We look forward to hearing your testimony with everyone!

Please visit: for further updates on this amazing lady’s battle and ongoing victory!


It’s anything goes Friday! Come on, pick a topic and let’s go with it … September 10, 2010

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Mommy, why is the floor wet?

Quick update on potty training Sean and Ben … In one word: STUBBORN!!!!!!! I say this because they have both proven that they can do it. They know what to do, they know how to do it, they know how to talk about it, they know what the potty is for, they know what diapers are for (and no longer for), they know that they’ll get M&Ms after they wee-wee or poo-poo on their potties, they decided that the M&Ms just aren’t worth the time and effort to stop playing with their trucks and airplanes, they know that Mommy is trying to be patient, and they know that they are making Mommy a little more nutty each time she has to clean up the floor when they refuse to stay ON the potty for more than 30 seconds …

(Me:) “Ben, do you have to go wee-wee?” … (Ben:) “Nooooo.” … (two minutes later) … (Ben:) “Mommy, my pull-up WET!”

(Sean:) “Mommy, I need go poo-poo!!” … (Mommy:) “Good boy, Sean! Let’s go sit on the potty!” … (Me, again:) “No, Sean, you didn’t NEED go poo-poo, you already WENT poo-poo!”

((SIGH)) So, this is where we are at the moment.

variety of ages, variety of stuff

FURTHER TOPICS (yes, please!!):

(families) Mom going back to work after baby(ies)

(toddlers) The challenges of moving from crib(s) to bed(s) with rail(s)

— (grammar-schoolers) Santa Claus?

(teens) Keeping connected with them as they develop more independence

Please share your ideas, suggestions, stories and questions!

Thank you all so much!


Getting back in the swing of things! July 29, 2010

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It’s amazing how being out of and away from the normal everyday routine for a week or so can throw you off so much that it takes several days to recover from what should have been time to relax and rejuvenate! Coming home from our 10-day vacation, just as we do every year, is a true opportunity to appreciate HOME in every sense of the word. We really enjoy staying with family, but coming home just feels so good, in spite of the loads of laundry and unpacking that needs to be done!

A welcome discovery made yesterday: Apparently, decided to re-post my article on Marriage and Multiples that originally ran on June 3rd, and as a result, I noted LOTS of hits on the website as well as lots more “likes” on the Twins x 3 by Fran Pitre facebook page! So, A BIG THANK YOU TO MSN.COM for featuring us on your home page for a second time!! In case you’d like the link to the story, here it is:


We’re on vacation! July 17, 2010

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Hi Twinning Attitude followers!

Since I do NOT own an laptop for those travel times (which is definitely on my wish list), I must take a break from everyday posts, but since I have a very generous brother/sister-in-law who have graciously allowed me to sit at their computer, I’m able to occasionally check email, facebook and this, my awesome blog!  🙂  But I won’t be on as much as usual until we return on July 25th.

We’re visiting Bruce’s family in Houma, Louisiana …. visiting with Bruce’s mom Sylvia, his brothers Brian and Bert, and all the cousins … so fun! It gives the kids time to catch up with and reconnect with their cousins.

We hope that all of  you have taken time this summer to enjoy time with your families and make great memories!


UPDATE: NICU Twin Gift Basket given to a new family! July 15, 2010

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twin-family gift basket

Attention JackPott Members!

Our twin gift basket recipient family was chosen last week by the NICU and social worker staff at Wolfson Childrens Hospital in downtown Jacksonville, FL. You’ll recall that a “new twin family gift basket” was presented to Lisa Lammons, RNC-NIC BSN, Manager, Newborn Intensive Care at Wolfsons on behalf of Jackpott, (Jacksonville Parents Of Twins and Triplets) on Tuesday afternoon, June 15, 2010. The gift basket was presented in JackPott member Jessica Martinez’s name. Jessica was the winner of a drawing for a free copy of TWINS x 3 at the June 8th Jackpott meeting, and to have the basket presented to the NICU in her name as a representative of all the Jackpotts!

Lisa Lammons with Wolfsons contacted me on Tuesday and announced that our gift basket was given to a family who’d just had a preemie set of twin boys, with two older siblings at home. Lisa explained that these new parents were EXTREMELY GRATEFUL and overwhelmed by this much-needed collection of new baby needs! This mom plans to contact JackPott as soon as the babies are released from the hospital and their family is settled in at home.

Thank you again Jackpotts! Let’s do it again soon!!