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ANOUNCEMENT!! I have begun an important new blog: October 19, 2011

This is BIG!

Dear Twinning Attitude followers,

Please do me the honor of going to:

my new blog in which I provide information, advice, tips, resources and solutions for other moms of multiples!

Please check it out and give me your feedback … will be the site in which I will blog from here on because I have a true desire to help support and assist other moms of twins (or more) with challenges they may have, to provide answers to questions, and solutions to problems … many of which I’ve probably experienced for myself over the years while being the mom of three sets of twins!

Thank you so much!!

~ fran


Check out the “TWINS x 3 by Fran Pitre” Facebook fan page! February 21, 2011

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Hello Twinning Attitude! visitors!!

I would LOVE for you to visit my facebook fan page: TWINS x 3 by Fran Pitre, and click “like”!

Go to:

There’s info and funny posts updating fans on the book’s promo activities, and lots of other stuff …

And thank you visitors!! We’ve topped 15,000 hits from 11 countries worldwideWOW!





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The winner of the drawing for a signed copy of TWINS x 3 is Julie M.!!

Julie, thanks so much for posting your comments on Twinning Attitude! Your name was chosen on Saturday, December 11th, and you will now receive a signed copy of TWINS x 3 for yourself or to share with a friend. Look for an email from me with details and info.!

Everybody, please continue to post on Twinning Attitude, and become eligible to win our next drawing!

Again, a very Blessed, Merry Christmas and Happy, Safe Holidays to all!

~ Fran Pitre


Thank you Double Up Books! September 14, 2010

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Welcome Double Up Books – The Premier Bookstore for Twins, Triplets & More … as the latest source to carry TWINS x 3!

Double Up Books specializes in books about twins and multiples for both parents and children. They’re the right place for the best selection of twins books, triplet books & more…

Double Up Books is a full-service twins bookstore featuring books about parenting and raising twins, twin and multiples pregnancy, breastfeeding twins and multiples, childproofing for twins, twin and multiples psychology, twin baby memory books and more!  They also sell a handpicked selection of parenting, family, relationships, home life and children’s books too!

Please visit:

to browse, shop and check out all the amazing books and products for families of multiples!


Today’s Drawing Winner: WENDI LANE! August 21, 2010

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Your name was drawn from the many post comments made on Twinning Attitude over the past few weeks.

Wendi has won a free, signed copy of TWINS x 3, and it will be delivered to her home this coming week!

Wendi … look for an email from me shortly!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your much-appreciated posts on TWINNING ATTITUDE!



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Just post a comment on any topic discussed so far on Twinning Attitude! and become automatically entered into the drawing for a free, signed copy of TWINS x 3!

The next drawing takes place on Saturday, August 21st, at 5 pm ET!

Good luck!! 🙂