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All moms are “working moms”! October 20, 2010

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Ask any mom, and she’ll tell you that being one is the hardest job she’s ever had! Now, add on top of that 24/7 responsibility the task of working outside the home (full- or part-time), working an outside job from her home office, or running a business from her home office, … and you’ll see one busy woman!!

Some moms reenter the workforce due to the basic need for sustaining income, while others choose to go back to work simply because they want to. Regardless of the reason that working moms work, it’s very difficult to balance home responsibilites, children, work, and actually finding time in there to take care of herself.

Before I had my third set of twins, I’d been working for several years at a few different ways to earn additional income from home for our family of six. If you’ve read TWINS x 3, you know the different hats I wore before I became pregnant with Sean and Benjamin. When I wrote and published my book, I’d planned that any and all income received from this venture would, of course, be reinvested in our family and/or placed into savings for my childrens’ futures. A few months ago, out the absolute need for additional income, I contacted the publisher in South Georgia whom I worked with for two years providing advertising and editorial magazine design for his various county Chamber of Commerce publications. Deciding (or reconfirming, rather) that the amount of work and the quality of what I was providing simply wasn’t fairly compensated for, I decided to re-sign with the direct sales jewelry company that I’d been an independent distributor for also in the past. Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry ( is a solid, reputable, 25-year-old company whose business philosophy is based on the Biblical principles of honesty, integrity and service. Becoming a jewelry sales consultant has given me the flexibility to work outside my home presenting and conducting home shows in customers’ homes on evenings and on weekends while allowing me to be home with my toddlers and be able to transport my older children to and from school and other activities.

But factoring in a new, growing business from my home has real challenges. For one, I haven’t sat down to post a new blog topic in weeks until now!  In addition to preparing for and conducting my hostesses’ home shows, I attend monthly support and training meetings. I also spend many hours each week: building a customer base; scheduling and planning home shows; recruiting, supporting and training new jewelers;  closing (placing orders for) each home show online as well as ordering/maintaining  business supplies; all while creating new ways to grow my business to support and serve my customers. While doing this, there are diapers to change, groceries to shop for, beds to change, laundry to fold, messes to clean up and kids’ arguments to break up!

Although I have a few rules that I’ve followed for years when it came to managing my time and keeping my sanity as a working mom, such as:

~ take advantage of toddler nap time to get lots of work done (OR take that much-needed nap yourself);

~ plan meals ahead of time so meal prep can be quick and easy;

~ accept or enlist help from your older children/teens … teaching them that they’re assistance is valued and that everyone pitches in for the common good of all;

~ make use of after-kids’-bed-time evenings and weekends to catch up with work, but also be strict about leaving and shutting the office door at a set time to concentrate on my kids, husband or for me to get out and visit with a friend for dinner;

…  I’ve also found some additional tips from two websites. Check them out for yourselves!



Please post your comments and suggestions about how you manage the balance between working and family! Your ideas will be much appreciated, very valued, and will help other Twinning Attitude visitors, including me!!


5 Responses to “All moms are “working moms”!”

  1. Karen Quaiel Says:

    Whether working outside the home or being a full time mother, finding the balance of your life is the key. Easier said than done but SOME days I find it. M-F is trying to balance my paying job with my life long job. Sat is driving the kids to …where ever….Sunday-more of a restful day…only housework, finishing school projects, preparing for M-F. I am fortunate that I love my paying job and my children are a little more independent (the youngest is 9). The constant hands on is not so …constant. I am able to shower without fear of something happening to someone the 5 min I am in the shower. I am beginning to see “It goes by so fast” as a reality and am OK with this sometimes. However, SOMETIMES I just need to chase someone, tackle him/her and kiss them till they cry.( Our youngest 2 normally are the unwilling victims). Balance—OK I’ll call this a good balance for my family. Hope you find yours—whatever that will be. Just remember to enjoy the ride “it goes by so fast”.

  2. Great comments, Karen! It’s true that not all days go smoothly, but once you have a routine that everyone is comfortable with, and get used to, the days can run hitch-less for the most part (barring the sudden illness or unexpected car trouble!).
    True also, is that it DOES FLY BY! I just brought my babies home from the hospital and now they’re 3 years old. Even harder to wrap my brain around is that my eldest twins will be 16 in two months. wooow!
    Thanks so much for your input … really evident of your years of experience!

  3. you should use a weight loss calculator

  4. wendi Lane Says:

    This was a great!!! You shared some great tips and ideas. I also loved the tips and ideas you shared in your book and that reminds me that I will be writing a nice post about that because the book was GREAT!!! and you are an amazing family!!

    • Hi Wendi!
      Thank you so much for your reply to this post on Working Moms, and thank you also for your positive feedback on TWINS x 3! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!! Please feel free to post a comment here, and also, if you don’t mind, please post a review on under TWINS x 3 by Fran Pitre. I’d sooo appreciate your time and effort!! 🙂

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