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Amy’s Miracle September 13, 2010

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Amy kisses Anna

Meet Amy, a 33-year-old Jacksonville mom of three beautiful children who I heard about through a mutual friend. In early 2010, Amy and her husband Shannon discovered that they were going to have twins to add to their already 2 children, Amanda and Shannon, Jr. During her sixth month of pregnancy, something went terribly wrong. She was hospitalized because of severe, painful coughing, and the doctors soon discovered that, while pregnant, Amy had developed a very rare form of cancer called Choriocarcinoma. Because her illness became immediately life-threatening, both babies were delivered. Although she lost one of the babies, baby Anna (born at just 2 lbs.) survived and has presently reached approximately 4 lbs. Amy is still very ill and in the hospital being treated for her illness, and until recently was on life support.

Please go to Amy’s blog, read her story, and reach into your heart to help support this amazing family with a donation of any amount.

This family needs our prayers and support for many months to come. Let’s be there for them.


Thank you, and God bless you all!


One Response to “Amy’s Miracle”

  1. WEND LANE Says:

    This is such a sad, amazing and truly touching story. Thank you for sharing.

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