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We MUST NEVER forget September 12, 2010

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God Bless America!

I remember watching it all happen live while at home with my not-quite 2-year-olds.

I immediately wanted my husband and first-grade daughters HOME so we could all be together. I was heart-broken for the families whose lives changed forever that day, and knew that we’d NEVER FORGET!

(New York, my home state)


3 Responses to “We MUST NEVER forget”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    I didn’t have kids yet — wasn’t even married. I had just settled into my 8am drawing class when our professor skidded into the room and said that a plane crashed into the WTC. Not sure if it was an accident or not, we all went down to watch it on a little TV they had pulled out into the hallway. There we realized what was really going on and saw the 2nd plane crash and both towers fall on live TV. It wasn’t until later as I was watching the news that it struck me how many lives were lost and how many people were affected.

  2. Where were you living then, Leigh Ann? We were here in Jacksonville, but all I could think about were the family and friends living in New York (some on Long Island and my Dad’s family upstate) and our close friends who still live in Virginia just outside of Washington, DC. With the phone lines all jammed that day, it was two days before we knew that everyone was all right!
    Thanks so much for your comment!

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