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Because If we couldn’t laugh, we’d … (part 2) August 7, 2010

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The chaos ensues daily here, and while it has me wanting to pull out my hair very often, I find myself recounting the events to my mom or to friends who laugh themselves into tears, and then, so do I!

So, while nervously sharing the ins and outs of having and raising my various sets of twins on a live local radio show yesterday, I was reduced to silent fits of laughter when my friend Caryn called into the show to share her views about my book, TWINS x 3. No sooner did the hosts welcome her on the line, did we begin to hear a sudden burst of barking dogs in the background following the sound of a distant doorbell ringing. I learned afterward that a Schwan’s Delivery truck had arrived to deliver some meats just seconds after Caryn got through on the call-in line! Her two-year old daughter began to chime in as well, and all of us in the sound room at the radio station began to laugh (silently) … one writing and sharing a note which read: “Gotta love the dogs!!!”

When the hour-long show was over, and I’d just stepped out of the building heading for my car, my cell phone rang and I could see it was from one of my 15-year-olds at home watching the other four kids. “What do you use to clean up cat hurl???!!” asked the anxious voice on the other line. It was at that moment that I realized I’d not placed my phone on silence during the radio show broadcast, and said a silent prayer of thanks that our cat hadn’t “hurled” just minutes before!

Back at home, I was informed that, yet again, one of my 2-year-olds, now in the unfortunate habit of removing his diaper or pull-up during nap or night time, had done it again! Thoroughly soaking his bed, as he had several times recently, one of my older girls had to remove him from his bed, clean him up and re-diaper him after his nap in my absence, that on top of cleaning up the cat hurl so that the boys didn’t get into it once they were back downstairs in the family room where it lay. My son also pulled this diaper-removing stunt while in the care of my mother-in-law when we were on our vacation in Louisiana … of course, I’d been out having a little bit of fun at the time. Just proves that having a few minutes of fun has its price of added guilt, of course.

So last night, Sean (aka Mr. bed-soaker) and I had a heart-to-heart talk before bed. We discussed how “yucky” sitting in wee-wee must be, and how he must learn to be a big boy and leave on his pull-up or diaper until he can sit on the “big boy potty” when I take him out of his bed. Doubting my effectiveness from this discussion, yet hoping for the best, I went into the nursery this morning and noticed that he HAD HIS DIAPER STILL ON! Alleluia!!! But, when I went to lift him out, the bed was DRENCHED!! How could this be???

As I lay him on the changing bed across the room, and examined his diaper, I realized that the culprit responsible for the bed-yet-again-in-dyer-need-of-changing was the little pink tip of his “pee-pee” pulled out of his diaper at the top of his little inner thigh. As I exclaimed, “Sean! Don’t pull out your little guy!!” … he just smiled up at me.



7 Responses to “Because If we couldn’t laugh, we’d … (part 2)”

  1. RebaMc Says:

    I know I shouldn’t laugh… but some of our funniest moments are the nappy (diaper) related incidents too!

    • But you should laugh!! How else can be maintain our sanity? I totally agree that the diaper/potty training days are some of the most challenging, while also the most hilarious times … the contribute LOTS of great writing material! 🙂
      Thank you, Reba, so much for your comment!!

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    I’ve heard of taking off the diaper. I’ve heard of peeing in the bed. I’ve NEVER heard of pulling out the tip of the wee wee. You have to give him some credit — he did what you asked! 🙂

  3. Leta Says:

    So funny, now that my girls are potty trained, I have to keep reminding them to keep their knees together. I had them potty trained but their pants and shirt kept getting wet when they came out of the potty, silly me I thought they just hadn’t made it…..instead they were weeing and when they had their knees open they would ‘shoot’ out the front of the potty onto their pants and shirt. (I swear they can ‘aim’ better than a boy) Never thought I would be heard saying “keep your knees together” while taking them potty. 🙂

    • LOL … so funny!!! Yes, girls are just as entertaining as boys! My girls were the first go ’round for me, and there was PLENTY of wee-wee to clean up long after we’d begun wearing “big girl panties!”

      Thank you, Leta, for your comment!

  4. WEND LANE Says:

    I just had a moment to read this post and I just loved it. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one with 2 year old twins that has one that WILL NOT leave their diaper on. The only difference…the gender 🙂 Plus my daughter is more enamored by her “poo”. Now she gets to wear pants with a onsie over it..however she is so smart that she has even figured out how to get out of that…smart kids!!!

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