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We’re on vacation! July 17, 2010

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Hi Twinning Attitude followers!

Since I do NOT own an laptop for those travel times (which is definitely on my wish list), I must take a break from everyday posts, but since I have a very generous brother/sister-in-law who have graciously allowed me to sit at their computer, I’m able to occasionally check email, facebook and this, my awesome blog!  🙂  But I won’t be on as much as usual until we return on July 25th.

We’re visiting Bruce’s family in Houma, Louisiana …. visiting with Bruce’s mom Sylvia, his brothers Brian and Bert, and all the cousins … so fun! It gives the kids time to catch up with and reconnect with their cousins.

We hope that all of  you have taken time this summer to enjoy time with your families and make great memories!


2 Responses to “We’re on vacation!”

  1. jill Says:

    Hi there,
    Just came across an article from you. We ar ein the process of adopting a girl possibly twins under 2 from Africa. Just don’t know if I can handle it or how it will be with the rest of our gang. We have 4 kids under7. Just wanted some advice, thoughts, opinion. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jill,

    Thank you so much for your post! I’m just getting back into our home routine after being out of town for the past 11 days, and I’ll tell you, I feel like NOW is when I need a vacation!! :o)
    First of all, where did you come across an article of mine? (just curious) …
    Secondly: WOW, possibly adopting twins!! That’s wonderful!!!
    Well, we had our four kids when I discovered our third set was on the way. Once they arrived, it took adjusting on all our parts, as you can imagine. But with time, patience and LOTS of communication between the kids and us (allowing them to voice their frustrations as well as joys) helped us all get through our first challenging year. Now our boys are two and a half, and have joined the ranks of the other four silly, crazy kiddos. Around here, it’s hectic, busy, noisy … naturally!!
    Please let me know what you plan to do, and I’ll be available for advice or just someone to talk things out with whenever you need it!

    God bless,

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