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UPDATE: NICU Twin Gift Basket given to a new family! July 15, 2010

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twin-family gift basket

Attention JackPott Members!

Our twin gift basket recipient family was chosen last week by the NICU and social worker staff at Wolfson Childrens Hospital in downtown Jacksonville, FL. You’ll recall that a “new twin family gift basket” was presented to Lisa Lammons, RNC-NIC BSN, Manager, Newborn Intensive Care at Wolfsons on behalf of Jackpott, (Jacksonville Parents Of Twins and Triplets) on Tuesday afternoon, June 15, 2010. The gift basket was presented in JackPott member Jessica Martinez’s name. Jessica was the winner of a drawing for a free copy of TWINS x 3 at the June 8th Jackpott meeting, and to have the basket presented to the NICU in her name as a representative of all the Jackpotts!

Lisa Lammons with Wolfsons contacted me on Tuesday and announced that our gift basket was given to a family who’d just had a preemie set of twin boys, with two older siblings at home. Lisa explained that these new parents were EXTREMELY GRATEFUL and overwhelmed by this much-needed collection of new baby needs! This mom plans to contact JackPott as soon as the babies are released from the hospital and their family is settled in at home.

Thank you again Jackpotts! Let’s do it again soon!!


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