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Because if we couldn’t laugh, we’d … July 2, 2010

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We all have to admit, that as much as we love our children, they can drive us nuts by the end of the day!

So, here’s just my way of plugging in that daily need for humor.

Like it or not, we repeat the things to our kids that our moms said to us. Only now, we understand better what she was really saying to us! For instance:

Said: “Put that down!! You don’t know where it’s been!” (intended to gross out our kids and make ’em drop whatever discarded “thing that’s not ours” they just picked up off the ground.)

Meant: Please drop that now so that you don’t pick up some terrible germs that will make you sick, then spread to your brothers and sisters and result in sleepless nights, countless trips to the doctor, too much money spent on medicine (OTC or prescriptions), missed days of school for you and missed days of work for me, make-up homework, make-up tests to prepare for while staying up way too late for many nights in the process of making up all the missed work …


One Response to “Because if we couldn’t laugh, we’d …”

  1. shamsa Says:

    like it thank u

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