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Thanks Coach Ron in California … & Thanks WBIG in Chicago! June 30, 2010

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A huge thank you goes out to Coach Ron Tunick (and Randy) for chatting with me on tonight’s “The Business of Life” on KKZZ  AM 1400, Ventura, California, a nationally syndicated program aired on 49 stations all over the U.S! I really enjoyed talking with you guys … it was a fun, casual, very enjoyable experience! Thank you also for inviting me back to continue our conversation next month … it’ll be my pleasure to share with you and your listeners again!

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I also want to thank JoAnn Genette and WBIG’s “The Big Wake Up Call” in Chicago for having me on as a guest on the morning of June 28th! JoAnn, you were a gracious host and I really enjoyed chatting and sharing with you and your listeners! Would love to do it again sometime!


4 Responses to “Thanks Coach Ron in California … & Thanks WBIG in Chicago!”

  1. Monica Says:

    I heard the interview. You were great! Coach Ron is so cool.

    • twinsx3 Says:

      Hi Monica,
      Glad you listened! Yes, Coach Ron was VERY cool, so together, and yet came out with random comments and topics he’d pull out of the air … like the ocean water temp in California as compared to Florida … and then suddenly asking Randy if the ribs they ordered had arrived yet … I was laughing so hard (quietly on my end of the phone), trying to stay up with him, and enjoying every minute of the experience! He’s just great, and told me wants me back soon, that I should email him next Tuesday, and that he wants to be “facebook friends” … is that a hoot or what???

  2. Karen Quaiel Says:

    Wish I had heard it ….I am glad you enjoyed it.

    • twinsx3 Says:

      Hi Karen!!
      I’d posted that I was gonna be chatting with Coach Ron on my facebook page yesterday afternoon. Sorry you missed it, the conversation was great. He wants to have me back on again, and I’ll let my facebook friends know!
      Thanks so much for your post … please visit again, and tell your friends!!!!

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