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Hurricane season’s here … how can we ease our kids’ stress? June 23, 2010

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We all know that being prepared ahead of time is vital for the best outcome of any potential disaster, and that goes for all of us who live in coastal areas of the country where hurricanes can strike or in areas that are eventually affected by them. As adults, we experience a common level of stress and anticipation when we’re aware that a hurricane may be heading our way. We think of our plans to ensure our family’s safety and well-being, to secure our homes and our important belongings, and keep a close watch on the track of the storm as it travels across the sea with the potential to strike our general area.

While we as adults feel stress and anticipation, we know our kids do, too.

How can we reduce the stress and fear that our kids may be experiencing when a storm may hit our area? Once we encourage them not to worry or to be afraid, while allowing them to express their fears and feelings, we should also have them get involved with their family’s PREPAREDNESS PLANS. It’s just human nature to feel comforted and assured when we feel that we’re DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE to prepare for or avoid any potential negative experience or danger.

Our family’s plan: Bruce and I have our important documents stored in air-tight, water-proof storage containers. We have the supplies needed to protect our home, and know just where to store any outdoor furniture, toys, etc. in the event that a strong storm approaches our area. Our city has clearly-posted, organized evacuation routes and schedules for our area, especially for those who live at the beaches. In addition, we have our kids select certain special things of theirs that will be included in our evacuation supplies, and allow them to come shopping with us to stock our home with the food and water we may need in case we lose power or are encouraged to evacuate. Having them choose “special favorite items” adds some fun to the experience, while we talk and talk about the storm situation together.

I found a great website for tips on having children become involved in their family’s Hurricane Preparedness Plan:

Check out:

PLEASE post YOUR FAMILY’s plan for this season or give us your feedback. Your opinions and suggestions will be so helpful to other families!


5 Responses to “Hurricane season’s here … how can we ease our kids’ stress?”

  1. Monica Says:

    Get information. Thanks!

  2. Joy Says:

    My kids are at the age that they really love card games. So I will diffently put that on the list of items to have handy this season. Thanks for the website.

    • twinsx3 Says:

      Hi Joy ~

      I’m so glad you mentioned activities for children … easy, simple-to-grab-and-play games, coloring, crafts and such are a great way to pass the time, especially when the power goes out, as it so often does!

      Great comment!!
      Thank you so much for your input

  3. Monica Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention….. Hurricane season makes me nuts. But I do my best to stay calm for my kids. Living in SE Texas hurricanes have become way to common as a summertime activity.

    • twinsx3 Says:

      Hi Monica,

      Yes, especially last year with the two that came through the southeast Texas area. We have family in the Houston area and they had a very busy summer!

      I get pretty nervous, too, and hope that my nerves don’t rub off on my kids. At the same time, there’s a certain level of seriousness that the older children need to respect the importance of preparedness and its priority when it comes to hurricanes.

      Thanks so much for your comments!!

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