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Children’s Miracle Network June 11, 2010

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1998 CMN Telethon, UF/Shands, Gainesville, FL (Kathryn (r), our "champion child")

I hold a very special place in my heart for the Children’s Miracle Network. In 1997, when she was two and a half years old, my daughter Kathryn was nominated by her doctor as a “champion child” for the CMN when she underwent the first “PDA Coil Closure” procedure performed at the UF/Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL. Her pediatric cardiologist had perfected the procedure out west shortly before joining the staff at Shands, and Kathryn became his first surgical patient, repairing her Patent Ductus Arteriosus. A PDA is a prematurity-caused condition where the pulmonary artery’s ductus (open prenatally, but which should close at birth) remains open. Kathryn ran the risk of heart infection if this condition hadn’t been resolved. During the coil closure procedure, a small coil is fed up into the pulmonary artery through an artery and vein in her groin via catheter, where the coil was placed into the opened valve instantly, completely and permanently closing the ductus. Prior to this procedure, this condition was resolved by a more invasive surgical procedure.

The following year, our family was privileged to join other families with children who’s illnesses or injuries were treated at Shands (a University of Florida, Childrens Miracle Network Hospital) as we all were part of the 1998 CMN Telethon in Gainesville, televised nationally.

Children’s Miracle Network raises millions of dollars to help fund procedures such as the one our Kathryn underwent. Perhaps you know a child who has benefited with the help of the CMN.

Please support Children’s Miracle Network today … child will need them tomorrow!


Fran Pitre


2 Responses to “Children’s Miracle Network”

  1. Kelly Emilio Says:

    After just spending one day at Wolfson last year and with many friends babies spending lots of time there we became CMN monthly angles. We pray we don’t have to go there
    again but are so thankful they are there!

    • twinsx3 Says:

      Hi Kelly! Yes, knowing the amazing work to raise awareness and funding for such-needed research makes one connect and want to support the CMN! They’re true life-savers and such a warm, loving, social organization on top of all the good they do medically! I keep them in my prayers everyday, having been a recipient of the blessings they provide!

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